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Are you looking for R&D services for your idea or project?

Mater Dynamics is about the fundamentals of Physics and Chemistry, and taking advantages on those to develop problem-solving products. We take in consideration your needs and scale.

There is a big gap between an idea and a
product, and we are here to help you with it.

We know that making tech based products is not always easy or affordable, in addition to the complexity of achieving a feasible and operational solution. At Mater Dynamics we use our tech oriented expertise to help you to prototype, produce or deploy your products on the market.




Who is the user?
What is their need?
How does this work
with our back-end



How could this work?
How could this look?



Does it work?
Is this the right design?
Can we make it better?

User testing


Which design best
satifies the user's
How efficient is it?



How can we improve the
cost-to-efficiency ratio?
Can we optimize large
scale fabrication?


  • Wearables

  • Passive Sensors

  • Data Analysis

  • Microelectronics

  • Software Design

  • Surface Coating

  • Chemical Synthesis

  • Microfabrication

Our expertise starts with our
team’s strong background
on Chemistry, Physics and


microelectronics_software_development &
We conceive lean hardware while accounting for cost, functionality and scalability. We take in consideration your operational needs, which contributes to provide non-invasive software solutions for your current business activities.
We support through consultancy and fabrication circuit design and performance evaluation. We offer technical solutions for flexible electronic substrates (e.g. PDMS, paper, etc.) Our services comprise consultancy for novel sensors or sensor incorporated products. We conceive in house software solutions either for consumer use or industrial applications.
material_science_nanotecnology &
Our R&D facilities can generate either single-based or batch materials, while continuosly assessing them throughout specific regulations or quality driven assays.
Our R&D facilities comprise state-of-the-art apparatus for general organic and inorganic synthesis. Our characterization services encompass standard spectrometry (UV-Vis, FTIR, etc.) up to NMR. We write and execute quality assessing protocols regarding intern or legal specifications. We fabricate assessing kits to execute in situ or in house quality related activities.
data_processing_learning_algorithms &
Either for smart sensors or wereables, data analysis is vital to monitor business activities or to support decisions. We extend our services with solutions regarding data processing, visualization or analysis.
We execute data analysis towards data simplification and statistical inference. We develop in house models, contributing either for prediction or learning outputs. Our services comprise state-of-the-art algorithms for machine learning and decision support. We simplify data information according to multiparametric visualization.
We know IP is a serious key factor for tech based business. Mater Dynamics provides stand-alone or project incorporated IP services, such as tech analysis, tech benchmarking, innovation and competitors reports, IP translation and tech surveillance.
We do technology assessment regarding IP submission and academic papers. Our services comprise translation services for IP and other technical documents. Our services comprise technology and industry benchmarking, followed by innovation trends and opportunities. We offer to our clients’ technical reviews regarding their technology and technology from competitors.

See Our Case-Study, our product:


A Passive and Flexible Sensor.

We conceived a smart sensor in a flexible substrate,
which in a passive way (without any source of battery)
can wirelessly measure external variables.

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